Friday, March 8, 2013


In a previous post I had mentioned that I was soon to be receiving a new PC from local business Figytech. Well, they ran into some problems with Newegg repeatedly sending them the wrong parts and told me that rather than have me continue to wait as that was all sorted out, they would order me the equivalent computer from Best Buy with express shipping and with the difference in cost being covered by them. This seemed more than reasonable to me so I accepted. That was last Saturday, the 2nd of March. Seeing as it was the weekend I didn't really expect much progress to occur right away, and sure enough nothing happened with the order until Monday, at which point the progress bar presented on Best Buy's website moved right along to step 3:

And that is where it has remained since then. As I write this it is now Day 5 of the computer sitting "at [the] warehouse in [the] process of shipping." I had no idea putting something in a box and sending it out was so complicated and time-consuming.

By the time my lunch break yesterday rolled around and no further progress had been made, I had become annoyed enough to complain about the state of things on Twitter, which wound up eliciting a response from Best Buy:

This seemed like a welcome development, and so I emailed them as instructed, and have provided them with all the relevant order information. Now I await some further action on the matter. It would be one thing if the item had just not arrived yet, but the fact that it hasn't even been shipped in nearly a week now is entirely more agitating to me, and as I mentioned in my initial Twitter post, compared to my experiences using Amazon and their Prime service this seems increasingly unacceptable.

On the one upside to the whole thing though, at least it has spared me from having to deal with the massive clusterfuck that has been occurring on what PCGamer is referring to as the "Origin Superhighway" to get into SimCity since launch. I still can't help but wish that I was having to deal with that right now though...

UPDATE 3/8/2013 12:57PM: I have now received an email from Best Buy informing me that the item is apparently being shipped directly from the vendor, who I assume is the manufacturer, iBuyPower. According to the email, the expected arrival is any time between yesterday and Monday, so we will see I suppose...

UPDATE 3/9/2013 9:39AM: Still no change according to Best Buy's website. And since I am pretty sure there is a 0% chance of it being picked up by UPS or FedEx on a Sunday, I'm going to say that if it isn't shipped out today, I will almost certainly not be receiving it on Monday.

UPDATE 3/11/2013 12:09PM: And still no change in status on the Best Buy site, so, unless that information is inaccurate, I will definitely not be receiving the computer today, which puts me outside of the expected arrival window they had mentioned in their last email to me.

UPDATE 3/12/2013 8:07AM: Last night I was forwarded an email by the Nikola at Figytech, who actually physically placed the order for the PC. He had just received it from Best Buy and it stated that the arrival date for the computer had been delayed and it was now not to be expected until sometime between March 21 and April 1. According to their website however if I were to order it again right now, once again using Express shipping, I would have it no later than March 20, so either we are just getting dicked around, or they are in the habit of lying to their customers. It looks like the new plan is going to be to revert to the original plan and he will once again build me a PC, unless Best Buy comes up with something better I suppose. Needless to say, I don't think either of us is likely to be doing any sort of business with the chain again.

UPDATE 3/13/2013 10:38AM: Apparently the computer has now shipped, as I managed to miss it as a result of being in the shower (of course). There is no indication of it's having shipped on the Best Buy website, or else I probably would have tried to make sure to be available to sign for it rather than sleeping for that extra hour this morning, but oh well. At least I know it's close.

UPDATE 3/16/2013 1:19PM: So, the computer arrived yesterday and in a turn of events that I probably should have seen coming, it doesn't work. I dropped it off at Figytech, who actually ordered it for me, to see if it was something that could be easily fixed and am now waiting to hear back from them. And all of this because I wanted to play SimCity...

FINAL UPDATE: For anyone who is still concerned, after another several weeks of dealing with the situation, swapping parts out and back in again to see what the problem was, it turned out to be a rather simple one. iBuyPower had put a far too weak power supply unit in the machine. They exchanged it for an appropriate one, and since then everything has been fine.